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Short-term mission trips to the Americas

A short-term mission trip is almost guaranteed to impact your spiritual condition and change your life in a way unlike any other adventure. Use your skills, gifts and talents to reach out to a world in need. Be an extension of God’s hands and heart to people in other cultures. Develop new and lasting relationships with people you thought you’d never meet, but soon will never forget. Go beyond your comfort zone and gain a world view that will change your prayer life. Give of your time and the wealth that you’ve received. You will never be the same again.

Outreach and mission trips to the Americas

Latin America is generally understood to consist of the entire continent of South America in addition to Mexico, Central America, and the  islands of the Caribbean    whose inhabitants speak a Romance language. The peoples of this large area shared the experience of conquest and colonization by the Spaniards and Portuguese  from the late 15th through the 18th century as well as other movements .

Sample Outreach Missions Itinerary

Normally our Outreach Missions run 10 – 12 days. The itinerary presented here is only a general idea. Details can be changed based on your group’s interests or abilities.

We will discuss your outreach at length prior to going so that your individual interests are accommodated, as well as our partner ministry projects needs are met.

Day 1: Arrival / Transport to housing / Dinner / Orientation
Day 2 – 8 or 11: Breakfast / Group Meeting / Work project or other ministry / Lunch / Personal time /
Afternoon outreach / Dinner / Evening group meeting if we are not in to late from afternoon or evening ministry time.

Group Meeting: Normally a time of worship, possibly teaching or going over group needs. Go over day’s schedule and answer questions.

Day 9 or 12 & 13: Normally we spend two or three days away on a adventure, white water rafting, fishing to give you a chance to relax, act like a tourist, shop, swim and reflect upon all that has just transpired.
Day 12 or 14: Travel day – Transport to airport.

Our aim is to make your outreach trip as convenient, relevant, interesting, exciting and as fruitful possible for you plus the Local people.

Please view our concervation policy here

Mission Work Projects the Americas

Short term outreach group or congregations Mission trips to  Dominican Republic, Haiti or Nicaragua, Restore a building, Paint an orphanage, Build a footbridge, Build a children’s playground, run  biblical holiday camps.

You may be on the verge of an exciting outreach mission adventure to the Americas  that will change your life.

This is your chance to see  the Americas from a new perspective. Get to know people from a different culture. Experience missionary life in the Spanish Caribbean.

You will interact with the people of the host country, while making a meaningful contribution through short-term mission projects or community-related activities.
While you are engaged in helping in practical ways, those who are still waiting to know God will captivate your heart.

Participants in our Short Term Missions have returned home with a greater vision of God’s work in the world, a warmer love for His people, and enthusiasm for further involvement with church and the community.

Our mission and outreach opportunities are available in Dominican Republic, Haiti and Nicaragua

Our mission statement of Faith

We are committed to working Interdenominationaly, we work with every one, we do not emphasize a specific denominational doctrinal statement, but we affirm that…
The Bible is God inspired and authoritative word, revealing that Yeshua (Jesus) is God’s Son. We believe that man is created in God’s image and that He has created us to have eternal life through Messiah. We believe the Holy Spirit’s power is demonstrated in and through us for the accomplishment of Messiah’s last commandment: Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

Why go to the Americas for an outreach mission?

  • 1. It’s so close to home, affordable and you can practice Spanish , French and speak English too
  • Transfer head knowledge to life experience as they minister to others.
  • Share their special skills and gifts to help others.
  •  Learn new things about God by being in a different environment with unique experiences.
  • Obey the great commission and take the good news to “all the world”.
  •  See God do miracles to supply the necessary means to take the gospel to others.
  • Have their worldview grow through exposure to how others live and relate to God.
  •  Build strong bonds of friendship in order to better serve God together back home.
  • Develop a stronger commitment to world missions by praying, giving and going as a result of being spoken to by the Holy Spirit while being on the field.
  • Help missionaries and local people on the field accomplish their long-term goals and projects
  •  In practical ways express the love of God to people who are without it and need to hear it.

Available mission projects    in the Americas

We want to enable you and your team to operate within their strengths and use whatever creative resources might be at your disposal to provide you with an amazing outreach experience.

Once your travel and outreach interest information has been discussed for instance with Real Dominican Republic Excursions, you will be placed in contact with the field manager and together, we will begin planning a basic outreach itinerary. Please keep in mind that this will only be a basic, tentative itinerary. Plans can often change at the last minute and we want to keep our hearts open and obedient to what God is doing.


There are many needed areas of practical help.
●Children in the Americas, their struggles are many… poverty, disabilities, and even homelessness.
But you can make a lasting difference in these young lives you can care for physically- and mentally-disabled children, some who have been abandoned, and “at-risk” teens.

Often no special skills are required, as volunteers are needed to listen to, play, read, and exercise and share time with the children. Many of our host projects are short-staffed and the volunteers’ attention gives the children the extra love they need.

You can also help out in these areas at an orphanage:
Group games, board games, painting and creation workshops, music, drama, dance

· Counsel and help with feeding
· Assist with bath time and dressing
· Cooking and cleaning
· Teach and encourage development through play
· Read, sing and play with the children
· Assist in the children’s developmental stages
· Help the staff, assisting with the various activities


Real Dominican Republic Excursions’ programs centre on projects to enhance the lives of children and their families. In most host communities, our work involves education projects — either “hands-on” classroom teaching, or helping to build or repair the classrooms themselves.

●  Tutoring — either in the classroom or after school — can be a rewarding work project as well as teaching English language skills. For instance, in rural communities, teaching conversational English and engaging warm, fun-loving children in informal educational activities, you can help enhance children’s’ ability to speak the English language.

●Repair and construction work and building:
Can you hammer a nail, swing a paintbrush, or plant a flower? Men and women who enjoy working outdoors or with their hands can assist with building, repairing and painting facilities such as community centres, orphanages, classrooms, libraries, medical clinics, and houses. You can also help clear parkland, plant community gardens, dig wells, construct clean water systems, install playground equipment and more. No specific construction skills are needed.
Anyone who is in good physical condition can assist with these projects, as there usually are both light and heavy labour options at most work sites.
For instance, you can help repair roofs, and windows, paint classrooms, and construct desks and chairs. Or at an orphanage, you can help sweep, scrape, or landscape around the facility. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other trades people can be very helpful at this work site to improve the infrastructure of the facility. You can make high chairs with adjustable footrests; head rests, and side wings to allow for various heights for feeding.

●Grass roots development projects:
Work on grass roots development projects in  Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, Paraguay  and  Venezuela. Assists with community development projects see your efforts transform an entire village! There are lots of economically poor, isolated communities all over the Americas where people struggle to survive our specialty is the Dominican Republic.

Help vaccinate children, teach reading, reforest depleted ecosystems, or educate small businesses. Weekly adventures combine with cultural immersion and volunteer work, creates an unforgettable life experience

●Medical volunteers:
Can you spare two weeks to help out in a medical clinic or local hospital? Because access to medical services in the Dominican Republic communities is often limited, health-care volunteers are needed to provide basic services such as:
Diabetes screenings, tooth extractions, baby checks and pre-natal exams in local clinics, village dispensaries, and in homes. Dentists, nurses, physicians and medical students are also needed to perform physical check-ups, test eyesight, examine newborns, and, in some cases, perform outpatient surgeries. While the needs and the working conditions are very basic, your “hands-on” contribution can be life changing.

Our host communities often lack modern medical facilities, so volunteers should plan to bring their own instruments and medical supplies.

●Work with the Elderly:
Are you especially good working with seniors? Mamas and papas
Men and women of advanced age in the Americas hold a community’s history and wisdom, forming a precious human, social and economic network. And, they help indigenous societies retain their cultural roots, passing along traditions to younger generations.
There is no welfare system in places where we work so often, elders live on a limited income, and lose their access to basic services at the same time that they lose their prominent place in society.
They can become easily cut off and isolated.

Various Community initiatives and organizations reach out to provide basic nutrition, healthcare and social interaction, but often run on small budgets. Your help can be an important link between social services and the elderly recipients. You can help build and repair safe housing for the elderly, engage elders in activities such as singing, dancing, playing games and developing arts and crafts projects, and assisting them on recreational outings and so on.

●Sharing Professional Skills:
Many specialized work projects focus on the needs of adults of all ages. This can include conducting professional discussions in the areas of business, law and medicine, or teaching English in informal group sessions.
We match especially skilled volunteers with local people so that pressing community needs can be met together. This might involve organizing library shelves, assisting with administrative or clerical projects, providing computer training, consulting on business development, and so on

●Work with young people-Teens:
All Real Dominican Republic Excursions’ programs and those of our partner projects in the Americas centres on life-enhancing work projects for children and their families. If you have a specific interest in working with teens and adults, you can select from a variety of projects in many locations around the Americas.

●Work in a nature and wildlife reserve:
We have projects in the Dominican Republic  for volunteers that enable them to get involved with essential wildlife or environmental conservation work.
Also imagine what it would be like to help hand-rear baby lion cubs, monkeys,  and reintroduce them into the wild in Nicaragua or  Ecuador Are you a trailblazer? You’ll enjoy working part time in the heights and depths of the remote interior Conservation District, blazing trails. An environment and conservation project will enable you to work up to four days a week on educational and research projects.

●Sports volunteers:
If you are interested in teaching and coaching sports in Dominican Republica, we  have at Real Dominican Excursions have a number of sports volunteer projects in Baseball and Soccer  for you to take part in.

●Street Children Project
Hundreds of children in the Americas ’s inner cities are living on the streets with no stable home. This kind of project involves various aspects of community work and development, and you will be helping to support a number of different community development initiatives. You will have a diverse experience and gain valuable insights into the lives of underprivileged individuals in DR or Nicaragua. Your influence will help positively shape lives of young positively, with the eventual hope of reintroducing the children into the mainstream community life.

●Social Welfare Development

Work in facilities that help the poor communities of an area. Provide support to at-risk and at-need women and children to learn values, manner, and life skills to become self-sufficient and obtain a higher level of education. Past projects range from tutoring, cleaning, carpentry, program development, sewing, cooking, childcare, business skills training, administrative, data entering, HIV/AIDS education.

To be honest anything you think you would like to do, we will avail it.

By partnering with Real Dominican Excursions of Hispaniola, you will be able to assist in accomplishing the long-term goals of our partner ministries and projects in the Americas.

Although many of our ministries are located in some of the most beautiful areas around the country, it is important to remember that your outreach is not simply a vacation or holiday, at least in the literal sense of the word.

Don’t worry, there will be time to enjoy the pristine surroundings and fun activities that each location has to offer, but you must keep in mind why you are there. That reason is to minister the love of Messiah to others and bless those whose home you are visiting.

The basic cost per person varies by country
Prices start at:

Groups of 4 and above : £750 or $1710 US Dollars  Minimum
2 People together: £850 GBP or $1,500 US Dollars
Single travellers: £1000 GB pounds or $1875 US Dollars

A place on the Trips can be reserved for a deposit of £200or $480 US Dollars per person.

For this, each project includes:
●24/7 emergency support in the country if required
●Pre-departure support and information
●Airport pick-up on arrival (in DR)
●Welcome orientation
●Two major meals per day
●Accommodation as specified for each project
●Transport between accommodation and project
●Activities and excursions stated on the itinerary
●Farewell dinner

Real  Dominican & the Americas excursions project costs do not include:

Visas and inoculations
Additional snacks and drinks
Personal insurance
Inquiry online

Author: Marisol Diaz of Hineni Media Cross Cultural Division. If you are interested in more information about programs that offer short-term mission experiences please contact Eunice at: 647.448.2052 or or email @



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