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Short term Mission Trips to the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Short-Term Mission:

The Short-Term Missions experience through Hispaniola Pathways  in Dominican Republic  is among the most complete you will find anywhere. The opportunities for ministry, facilities and organization are first rate while the cost is kept low. Consider Dominican Republic as your destination for any type of missions team. We will set up a missions experience suited for your team’s ministry experience and abilities. Our desire is to see the local community and your team blessed during your time in Dominican Republic .  Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata are  now receiving missions teams!  Follow this link for  more information

From our Santo Domingo base there are numerous opportunities for ministry. Your group’s schedule will be based on the information that you relay to us. Depending on your capabilities and desires you may be scheduled to teach in congregations, evangelize, minister in mountain villages, evangelize children, work on a construction project, etc. We can schedule numerous types of ministry opportunities given sufficient advanced notice to plan with local pastors.

Many groups arrive with prepared dramas or other evangelistic tools so that they are prepared to start ministry their first day. It is important that we know your capabilities so that your group’s potential is not lost.

In the city the ministry needs vary widely from in depth teaching to basic evangelistic messages. There are both established congregatinos and missions from newer impoverished areas of town. In Santo Domingo, there are opportunities for open street evangelism in housing areas and the busy markets and parks.

In the mountains you will arrive at large and small villages from 80 to several thousand people. One of our guides will take your group through scenic areas to your final destination where you will minister to their needs and depending on the village, material needs such as food, clothing, blankets, etc. might be distributed.  Many of these small communities are very open to the gospel.

Most groups will be in one of two facilities in Santo Domingo. The main guest house with a capacity of 36 or the Dominican  Rep. house with a capacity of  20. The beds are mostly single size bunk beds. Housing for larger groups is also available.

Kitchens are supplied with cooking and eating utensils. Your group should be prepared to cook and clean after each meal if not arragments can be made. Making menus and assigning duties during your trip planning is advisable.  If you prefer to pay a cook for some meals, there is one available with ample notice.

Group leaders are responsible to see that house and swimming pool rules are seen and understood by all.  We try to keep these rules to a minimum so that the group leaders are at liberty with their group.

In case of emergency while in Santo Domingo, your group may be reached at (809595-0098.

Clothing and luggage:
Be prepared for warm and sometimes cool nights because of the altitude here if you go to Costanza. If you are going to the mountains you should be prepared for cool nights with sleeping bags, jackets, etc. in the mountains.  Everyone should bring comfortable walking shoes. While packing remember that the people in this area are generally conservative.  Shorts are not used in congregations or nice restaurants.  Women should plan on bringing loose fitting skirts or dresses for certain ministry locations.  Never have in your possesion a gun or amunition.  Just having one bullet in your vehicle or suitcase is a felony.

Your approximate costs for a one week stay in Santo Domingo  or Puerto Plata  are as follows:
 * $125 per person per week minimum  to Hispaniola (HM) to cover expenses we incur on behalf of visiting groups (housing, maintenance, etc.).  This is explained in more detail in the following section.
 * Your travel expenses would depend on your mode of transportation. When our vehicles are used, they will be rented to the group for $75 a day. The user pays gasoline, etc. The 4 hour round trip to the Puerto Plata airport or La Romana has a cost around  $150 per van.   Groups also may desire to rent their own vehicles or rent vans in the Dominican Republic.
 * Interpreters are paid for by the group. The usual cost is  around $20 to $25 per day per interpreter.
 * Food.  Some teams that drive in bring their own food.  Groups that fly, buy on the local economy. We now have a 2 large grocery stores 5 minutes from the house.
 * Most visitors bring extra money for offerings at congregations and shopping at the local market.  Souvenirs of different price ranges are available at the market.

What we need from you:
To make your itinerary, we will need the following information:
 1. Date and time of arrival and departure in Santo Domingo.
 2. Type of ministry that the group will be capable of.
 3. If the group desires to spend one or several nights in the mountains, or if the group would like to go and come back the same day.  For youth, bringing sleeping bags and spending some of their time in the mountains is an excellent experience.
 4. Number of interpreters that the group will bring with them.
 5. Numbers of concurrent services your group could minister in.  This is determined by the number of qualified teachers or ministries you have with you and whether you desire to split the group during ministry.
 6. If a work project is desired, any skills and finances that could be put to use.
 7. Mode of transportation. what type of vehicle(s) you will be driving or flight times.
 8. Number of people in group and characteristics. (youth, couples, students, etc.)
 9. Goals of your leadership in the ministry to Dominicans* and what you want to accomplish in your team.

If you need help in planning for your trip, please feel free to contact us by email, Tel (647) 448-2052  or our  US line.  To avoid errors in scheduling, please transmit information and changes by email.

To reserve your dates:
 * When you have proposed dates, email, fax or call us to check the schedule.
 * The dates will be reserved with a non-refundable deposit of $60 per person. These Payments may be sent to:

Hineni Media
Suite 27564
3401 Dufferin St.
Toronto, ON M6A 3B8 Canada
Telephone 647.448-2052 1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 03331358/647.448.2052


Please mark your check “Short-Term Mission-DR.”
The balance of the $125 per person per week will be payable upon your arrival in Santo Domingo or can be sent before you come to the address above.
 * Please contact us immediately if there are any changes in your plans.
 * This reservation procedure will be strictly adhered to during the summer. (June 28 – August 15) or else


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