Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | July 19, 2010

Learn Spanish as an Adult (3)

Learn and Practice

Practice what you’ve learned.   Using the Spanish you’ve learned is the best way to remember it. Join an Spanish Asociation, look for the Spanish or Latin American or Spanish launge club , put up a notice at your local college or community center to find people interested in a French club, chat with French-speaking neighbors and shopkeepers, and, above all, go to France if at all possible.

Listen passively
You can get extra practice by listening to Spanish during your commute (in the car, on the bus or train) as well as while walking, jogging, biking, cooking, and cleaning.

Vary your practice methods
You will almost certainly get bored if you just do grammar drills every day. You might try grammar drills on Monday, vocabulary work on Tuesday, listening exercises on Wednesday, etc.

Act Spanish
Some people find it useful to use an exaggerated accent ( Llovía fuerte así que llevé el paraguas or La Canción) to help them get into their studies more. Others find a glass of wine loosens their tongue and helps gets them into the Spanish mood.

Daily Spanish
Practicing every day is the single most important thing you can do to improve your Spanish. There are numerous ways to practice every day.


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