Posted by: D. M. | June 28, 2010

I want to bring a Team

 Mission trips are an excellent way of gaining awareness of how people live in other countries. It is a very enriching cultural, social and spiritual experience that changes the lives of everybody

Are you, or your organization interested on mission trips?

A carefully planned, organized and carried out short-term mission project is guaranteed to challenge the lives of those involved. There are certain factors that missions are unique at putting together like focus and stretch. Since missions require volunteers to set time exclusively for this, participants get very involved and totally immersed, together with being at a foreign country where it is very difficult for them to be in control, this creates a stretching adventure taking people out of their comfort zone. For a short period of time participants find themselves in a very intense/fun stretching adventure, totally out of their comfort zone, having to focus on others needs and in the process developing and strengthening their own sense of group belonging and camaraderie.

No matter what your idea is, there are numerous opportunities to interact with people and experience the rich cultural experience.

Where are you?

In what stage of the process are you? We have compiled some information to help you out in the process where you are!

For  Cheap Airfare for Mission Trips, Missionaries and Congregations click here

Got everything going and ready, thanks!

Well then you might want to check out our FAQs  sections, perhaps anything there might be of help.

Work Activities

Rural School Painting, games and activities with children, SPORTS, English lessons, Bible teaching, house construction/repair, water systems implementation, French lessons, singing, donating, etc..


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