Posted by: D. M. | June 28, 2010

I just need some assistance

Here’s some help to put together that unforgettable mission trip!!

There are some key things to keep in mind when setting up a mission trip:

Define a purpose: Are you looking for a service oriented mission trip  or an faith based one? Maybe you are looking for a social or educational related trip? Could it be a cross cultural experience you are looking for?

Do you have specific goals you want to achieve between the members of your group? Perhaps, group cohesion or friendship and communion.

Next, decide what kind of setting you would like. Would a rugged more adventurous type of trip is what you are after? Does the idea of going to a foreign country scares you? You have many options you can choose from being in an urban or rural setting; doing hard strenuous work or more people oriented work; Would you prefer to live with the people, among the locals, or spend the days with them and then have nice facilities to sleep on. What kind of food services and meals do you want?(see an itinerary sample)*

Would you need any kind of special services for any of your members? Some members of your team might require special care (handicapped people or people with medical conditions that require extra care) Make sure you can work this out.  Contact Us @

If your mission trip is almost organized, but you need assistance with final arrangements we offer the following local services:


 We are able to negotiate discounted rates for individual or group accommodations ranging from five star hotels to cozy B&B’s. Give us an idea of what you want, and we will provide the best lodging possible. Is your mission trip rural? No problem, we have agreements with countryside hotels. Contact us to further explore your options and reserve your accommodations.

Meals & Water:

The quality of your water determines the effectiveness of your team! We understand the needs of people coming from foreign countries with regards to safe water and food. Therefore, we highly recommend that you avoid eating uncooked vegetables, unpeeled fruits, and ice in your drinks.

Transportation & Logistics:

We will organize your transportation and logistics needs. The key points to consider with regards to transportation are security and timely pickups and deliveries. The best Mission Trip can be ruined because your transportation breaks down in middle of nowhere, and delays in departures and arrivals take time away from your project. Good logistics give you peace of mind that everything planned will occur.

 Translation Services:
 Concerned your high-school Spanish is a little rusty? Unsure if your message will be heard? Have you considered translators?  Our translators are committed to the work of your mission, and we understand the intricacies of translating the tone of your message as well as the exact words.  We provide experienced translators in precision translation as well as simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation equipment also available. An optimal ratio for language assistance is one translator for 4-5 people. Depending on the nature of your project you may require additional translators.

 Tourist Attractions

While your mission project is important, your experience in the Dominican Republic will be greatly enhanced if you can provide your group members with the opportunity to relax, site see and experience the unique characteristics of Dominican Republic . It can be a time for souvenir shopping at a typical countryside town, relaxing at a beach, spending a day at the forest, or for those adventure seekers, spending a few hours doing the zip line forest canopy tour. There are many opportunities to explore this country that will compliment your mission project.

Contacts with congregations, organizations or groups:

Do you have a great idea for a mission project, and want to make sure it is provided to the most needy or are you interested in collaborating with a local partner? We will provide contact information and will help coordinate communication with local partners. We have a database with local groups interested in collaborating with foreign partners to pursue different projects. We are here to help you with all your related needs. Whether you want to contact one person or one hundred, we can assist you. Contact Us to further discuss your specific goals.


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