Posted by: D. M. | June 14, 2010

How to Teach Yourself Spanish

How to Teach Yourself Spanish

 Spanish  is one of the most popular languages to learn. It is widely spoken and also beautiful. There are many ways you can learn  Spanish on your own.
Step 1
Do some research about different products available for learning  Spanish. There are many out there so make sure to check reviews and find out exactly what each product offers.

Step 2
Check out Pimsler. When I was trying to learn  Spanish I used a few different products and found Pimsler Method  to be the best. They way this course teaches  Spanish is very easy and natural, you simply assimilate the language. It starts off with basic situations. You listen to the CD while following along in your book. You can then try to speak the words and do the exercises. After a few weeks of just 20 minutes a day you will find your  Spanish improving greatly. There is no hard memorising or studying grammar and tenses. You learn to speak naturally.

Step 3
Another good  Spanish course for complete beginners is the language course offered by Rossetta Stone. This is a great course for building vocabulary and learning how to pronounce common words. It starts of by showing four pictures and saying a word, such as, ‘garcon’. You then click on the correct picture. It builds up to sentences. This course is really best for beginners. Once you have done this course Pimsler would be an excellent next step.

Step 4
Visit the BBC’s Spanish language learning section. The site is free to use and has a number of excellent learning exercises.

Step 5
Search your local area for a Spanish class, paticurlary a Spanish conversation class. While learning to write Spanish properly is good, being able to speak it well should come first. A Spanish conversation class will force you to practice speaking.

Step 6
Look online for Spanish learning forums. This is great way to reach out and speak with other people that are like you, interested in learning Spanish. They can help you with questions and help motivate you to keep working hard.  You are always welcome in our Spanish Lounge, for info contact me @



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