Posted by: D. M. | June 10, 2010

About Translations

Translation,  Inter. &  Proofreading  (French/ English/ Spanish)

With each Latin American country having its own linguistic and cultural nuances, translation without understanding the context particular to that country can be misleading. Our firm provides  translation, Interpretation & Proofreading Services (French/ English/ Spanish).

Hineni is committed to providing the most reliable translation services of the highest quality, and at affordable and competitive prices.  All documents are treated with strict confidence, and we can meet any requested turnaround time.

We provide services in all major languages, and have extensive experience working in all areas:

  • Notarized translations
  • Manuals and technical documents
  • Contracts and financial documents
  • Advertising copy
  • Web pages
  • General correspondence
  • Medical reports and certificates
  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Diplomas, educational documents, and course descriptions
  • Legal documents
  • Marketing, sales, and retail materials

We maintain a rigorous quality control process for all of our translation projects, and use only those translators who are highly competent in their field.

It is our responsibility to ensure that each word, phrase, and nuance comes across in a clear and definitive manner, and that the translations we pass on to our clients are accurate and completely error-free.

You can be sure that when you choose Hineni, you will be dealing with the best professional translators in the market.

Please contact us for a free estimate.

 HM has carried out written and verbal translations in both English to Spanish and Spanish to English. We are particularly good at translating in a correct cultural context with appropriate communication for difference audiences.


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