Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | June 8, 2010

Why short term missions?

Five important questions to consider as you book your short term mission trip:

1.     Why short term mission?
2.     When and for how long?
3.     Where in the world?
4.     What type of work?
5.     With which organisation

1.     Why short term mission?

Are you looking to travel and experience other cultures?  Do you want to do something ‘real’ to help others around the world?  Are you looking for a new experience that will stretch your faith? Is it doing a spiritual or religious gap year that interests you?  Do you feel a sense of calling to do mission work and want to find out more?

There are many valid reasons for wanting to go on short term mission.  It can be a ‘stepping stone’ to further religious or spiritual service, but it can also be an important catalyst for religious or spiritual maturity and wholeness.

There’s no better way to understand the Creator’s love for his world and his global plan than to become an active part of it!   and going on short term mission is an excellent way to achieve this.

2.     When and for how long?  dates are place in the trip
3.     Where in the world?   Dominican Republic ,  Central America
4.     What type of work?     read here

5.    With which organisation?

Beth Haderech, Light your life and MoM are non profit and team based agencies, especially the very short trips (less than a month), but Hineni Media cross cultural division offers  individual placements too, often to work alongside an existing missionary or national worker.

The best way to gain from a short term mission trip is to go with the right attitude. This means:

•Leaving the bountiful attitude behind. No one, including people overseas, appreciates condescension.
•Going with realistic expectations. No one can cure poverty or severe health issues in a week. But helping even one person has huge rewards.
•Learning a few words of the local language (Spanish). Hello, please and thank you will be appreciated by all.
Being prepared for anything. Traveling overseas is stressful and full of surprises. Be ready for them by staying calm when certain things go wrong (and they could).


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