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The Hispaniola possibilities Project

  • La Hispaniola Possibilities  is part of  BHD’s community based  projects. They believe that  “The Purpose of life is a life of purpose” so part of their  objectives or goals  are:

    BHD organization engages in international mission work with the aim to accomplish one of these goals:

    Operating Children’s Soup Kitchen
    • Empowering local communities by providing models, resources and training
    • Securing books, school supplies and educational materials for underdeveloped third-world country’s classrooms.
    • Building  libraries, computer labs and sport recreation areas
    • Training Dominican teachers and local community members in modern child centered teaching methodologies
    • Securing micro-enterprise equipment such as sewing machines and computers.
    • Provide financial and volunteer resources to help meet urgent community needs, including donations of medicines and other supplies, repair of shared community structures such as the well, and repair/rebuild of several houses that a Dominican Rep.
    • Raising awareness within the international community for sustainable tourism
    • Promoting Eco and enviromentally friendly trips.

    They are sustained through the generous contribution of time, talent, funds, materials and supplies from individuals. We ‘d like more cooperation from foundations, government agencies and businesses.

    Help  them to achieve the goals by joining , volunteering or making a donation.

    This project is located in the Dominican Republic.  Honestly speaking,  our  last trip has been  amazing. The people are very friendly…the trip for the ones going has been definitely a life-changing experience. Martha and Otilia were both great hosts, and Teofila, whose house we stayed at, was also very understanding. Thanks to the trip to the DR some are able to pick up so much Spanish! It’s great !

    BHDs DR work Locations:

    Hispaniola Possibilities Project of BHD works in the  DN region or Santo Domingo de Capital  of the Dominican Republic, but also we have open rural areas ,  Monte Plata, Puerto Plata, Santiago  or Samana Province, about an  two hours northwest of Santo Domingo. Samana region is economically poor, but it’s one of the most beautiful areas of .

    Volunteer Service Activities

    Volunteer service activities can include: Lead arts or music activities with children or adults, assist with the children’s soup kitchen, assist with home construction projects in the community, teach English, offer health/nutrition classes, assist with the sewing micro-enterprise project, help maintain the learning center (e.g. planting and caring for plants/trees on property, painting, etc.) and carry out individual service projects based on your skills/interests and community needs.

     Contact BHD itself or



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