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Cross-Cultural Preparation & Development Courses

We host Cross-Cultural Preparation & Development Education Workshops @ MoM


 Cross-Cultural Introduction Courses – newcomers to Latin America-

One-week of lectures, discussions, activities and excursions for newcomers to Latin American. Covering major cultural differences in North and South: do’s & don’ts, non-verbal communication, traditional politics, economics, kinship systems, religion, languages, food and music. Overview of history, geography and development. Simply a must for all expatriate missionaries, diplomats, development workers, volunteers and resident professionals. 

Cost: 400 CND (includes room & board, lectures & activities etc.)

Dates: Offered in June, July, September, February 
(10 participants min.)

Mini-Orientation DR’s  culture Course

Three days of lectures and discussions covering key aspects of DR culture and cross-cultural differences. Contracted anywhere  for NGOs, Missionary and Volunteer groups, and Development agencies with desire to work in Dominican Republic.

 Cost: 1,000 USD (100 CND per participants; 10 participants min.)

Dates: January through May

“Cultural survival kit” Introduction Course
A compact four-week “cultural survival kit” perfect for long-term wannabee residents of DR, especially for missionaries and other service professionals, volunteers and development personnel. Participants follow a week of orientation and three weeks learning a method for learning any language and culture. Lectures and discussions each morning; activities and practical language and culture learning activities among the people in the afternoons; discussions and films in the evenings; excursions on weekends. 
Cost: 1,350 Canada (Includes room & board, lectures & activities)

Dates: Courses begin the first Sundays of February, April, September Fees

*Spanish Language Learning  & Culture for the Sojourner:  This option  is for non-native speakers of Spanish who need to better understand Hispanic/Latino culture. The manner in which this service is delivered varies with each client. Services can be provided to employees and/or their family members. The goal of this service is to improve the sojourner experience for the employee as well as his or her family. Potential topics: technology, business, education, politics, popular culture, sojourner adaptation, Spanish, etc. 

 On-going projects 

Latin American oral literature 
African-Caribbean Proverbs and the Bible
Latin American Dictionary & Grammar
Spanish of Latin America
African-Caribbean Traditional Religion and Development
African-Caribbean Development Worldviews
African-Caribbean Agricultural Worldviews
Spanish Language and Development 
Peacemaking and Peacekeeping 

Seminars and Workshops
HMCCS hosts will be  two week-long seminars each year on aspects of culture and ministry or culture and development. Two cultural analysis workshops will be also hosted every year and a conference every three years.

For Diversity Programs & other  Workshops Click  here



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