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Central Cibao: Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic (2)

Jarabacoa is the river rafting, mountain biking and hiking capital of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

The town of Jarabacoa is situated at 600 m / 1800 ft. altitude and is next to the highest peak in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte (3,087 m / 9,261 ft). Rest up for an exciting next couple of days in a beautiful mountain hotel next to a river.

A thriving small city that  stocks anything one will need for comfortable living, and while Fernando Pena Defillo, one of the DRs most prestigious artists has made it his permanent residence, Jarabacoa is best known for its vibrant artist community with young talents  inspired by the natural beauty of the region who produce attractive works of art at equally attractive prices.

Jarabacoa is the main gateway for adventure trips for those in good fit to Duarte Peak and the Septentrional Mountain Range, the highest in the Caribbean. But the 30-meter dropping Jimenoa Falls can be easily toured by visitors of all ages and abilities.

Thus the Cordillera Central has become a center for ecotourism in the Caribbean, with several outfits in Jarabacoa, Constanza, and other towns offering whitewater rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking, and guided hikes up 3,087-meter Pico Duarte.

Small hotels in the town cater to helping tourists enjoy the best of nature such as :

Rancho Baiguate;  Mi Vista Mountain Resort  and  AMUCA


Canyoning and Cascading
Canyoning is a blend of hiking, swimming, rock climbing, jumping and repelling and usually ends with a dip in a cool mountain pool. The Dominican Republic serves as an excellent arena for this relatively new adventure sport due to its multitude of mountain ranges. Adventure seekers staying on the North Coast can easily find a tour or guide out of Cabarete, but the most popular access point is Jarabacoa in the central region.

Action Packages:

Whitewater Rafting
Rancho Jarabacoa (Whitewater Rafting): On this action packed day, you will start from this Dominican Ranch and spend a day whitewater rafting on the Yaque del Norte River (Optional Activity Package). The only whitewater rafting trip in the Caribbean you will go through technical rapids and beautiful scenery in one of the most remote areas of the Dominican Republic. You may also visit the local waterfalls like Salto de Jimenoa (over 120 feet high) and relax in this refreshing mountain town. In the evening, you can enjoy swimming in a pool next to a roaring river.

Waterfall Rappelling
Rancho Jarabacoa (Waterfall Rappelling): Get off to an early start and experience an unforgettable day of waterfall rappelling ( Included Activity). This is a unique opportunity to visit a high elevation canyon in the central highlands of the Dominican Republic. This is an excellent chance to get your adrenaline pumping while seeing the beauty of this mountain area at the same time. Enjoy a night of local dancing and karaoke.

God is everywhere…but sleeps in Jarabacoa” Local saying

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