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The Lesser Travelled Dominican Republic

Discover a world of untapped adventure awaiting you in Dominican Republic!

 Often, when you tell someone that you’re going to DR they automatically ask if you’re going to Punta Cana, Puerto Plata or La Romana. Most people don’t know there’s a whole world of untapped adventure awaiting you in the Dominican Republic.

The SouthWest ( San Cristobal, Bani, Azua, Barahona, Pedernales)
If you’re looking to get away from the hustle of major tourist centers, Barahona is what you are looking for. The area is made up of at least  nine bays with more than 36 beaches. Since it is still relatively unknown to tourists, one can explore the small Dominincan  communities in relative privacy; it’s rarely crowded with the exceptions of Christmas and Semana Santa.
Explore the pristine beauty the area has to offer, while rafting Laguna Rincon or taking a horseback ride along a deserted beach. Visit  Las Salinas for a sight you won’t soon forget, or take a jungle tour and see the local wildlife. If you’re a coffe junkie you can visit a coffee plantation, in Padre las Casas, to see where your excellent Domincan  coffee comes from. Beginners and experts can try diving or snorkeling at one of the over thirty beaches and golf enthusiasts too as is a very flat area, you  can enjoy a round at the challenging natural 18-hole course. Whatever you’re after, SouthWest of DR will guide you to it down an unbeaten path.

Whether you want to spend your vacation relaxing on the beach or exploring the sites of a historically rich city, Bahoruco is the city for you. If you’re into surf and sand, take advantage of one of over 15 beaches or walk through the Golden Zone which houses most of the tourist hotels and nightspots in the city. Looking for a real party? Hotel Casa bonita is party headquarters in the city.

As tourism is not the main industry in Bahoruco, locals have a more laidback attitude toward tourists, which results in a more relaxed atmosphere and dismisses the constant pressure from hotels and timeshares that you get in other regions. It is also home to the  atlantic fishery, which proudly makes one of Dominican’s most popular fishing areas.
If you are looking for a more active vacation, take a walking tour of Old Bahourco and explore the highlights of the historic zone. There are enough monuments and sites to take up an entire day. For a grassroots experience, sit and enjoy a cup of coffee at a sidewalk café and mingle with the locals.

Bahia de las Aguilas
If you’re looking to get away to a real Dominican town, than Bahia de las Aguilas might just be the place you’re looking for. Because it is not a crowded destination like la Romana, there is a distinctly relaxed feel to the town where diving and bird watching are the two main hobbies. Sea fishing is a must for those who love the water and for the golf enthusiast,  sorry but Bahia de las Aguilas is home to rocky and prickly terrain. Surfing is another popular activity, especially on Playa el Paraiso, ,La descubierta, Sierra de Neiba, Isla cabritos all then offer stunning views, or you can just lie out on the golden sand and work on your tan. If you’re feeling adventurous check out the busy commercial downtown as well as the port and look for the giant turquoise statue of a Marlin which is at the heart of the city’s redevelopment. Walk through the meandering streets of this authentic Dominican town, with its colonial style houses and buildings. And if you love seafood, be sure to try one of the many open-air restaurants along the ocean with the Atlantic crashing a dozen yards away.

Nicknamed “the white city” for its large use of white limestone and white paint, Bani truly depicts the splendor of colonial Dominican, is a very pristine and clean city. This is definitely the right town for sightseeing, and most of the attractions are within walking distance if you stay at a hotel in the downtown main plaza. A display of 16th century paintings from Bani  is on display downtown at Maximo Gomez statue,  nearby city of  San Cristobal display a beautiful cathedral, close to  Trujillo residences . The cathedral is simply a must see  because of the mix of architecture, first hand, to believe it. From her aboriginal roots to 10th century buildings, but returning to the city of  Bani, this is  truly a beautiful city.  Parque Central is one of the most important non-government areas in Bani worth a visit because of its plateresque style. There is also an abundance of  galeries and stores to walk through if you need a day out of the sun. You can experience outstanding traditional Dominican dishes as well as music and dance in the restaurants along the main plaza and see palatial mansions along Parque Central, a boulevard sort of fashioned after the Champs Elysee in Paris, should not be missed. If shopping is your forte, then Bani’s downtown has something for you too. The markets here are the best place to see the real life of the city’s people. Inside you can find just about anything from fresh produce to shoes to souvenirs; or just sit in one of the tiny restaurant stands and watch the people. It’s most famous local beach is Los Almendros.

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