Posted by: D. M. | May 24, 2010

Cross Cultural Professional with purpose

Features ultimate “How-to Guide” to  Work, Study  and volunteer.

Content  featuring departments for Books, music, blogs, deals on flights.

WORK: database and sources

STUDY: quick guide to colleges, courses  and universities.

Other Options/Non traditional routes such as:

  1. Travel/Study
  2. Travel/Work

VOLUNTEER:  at amazing places where you can volunteer or take gap year.

Specialist Directory:  get the info you need, expand your horizons :

  • work locally or internationally ( tons of careers opportunities)
  • Volunteer ( local or internationally organizations, agencies, exchanges, colleges, universities)
  • Travel ( places & resources)

Expo ( connect with experts):

  1. Organizations
  2. Workshops
  3. Projects
  4. Schoools
  5. Books/Products
  6. Travel Deals

The Cross Cultural Professional (How-to guides) $8.00 

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