Posted by: D. M. | May 24, 2010

Cross Cultural Awareness Training & Programs

Becoming aware of our own cultural values and assumptions and the way these determine behavior is the first step towards a successful interaction with people whose culture is different from our own.  Our training and programs:

•Missions and Developments
•Cross-cultural Preparation & Dev. Education Courses, worshop, seminars
•Cultural re-entry debriefings
•Cross-cultural field trips
•Short-term cross-cultural trips
•Personal growth and Enrichment
•Traducteur/Rédacteur bilingue Services
  (French/ English/ Spanish)
•Business Liaison Services

Our workshops will

  • Explain breakdowns in communication between Latinamericans and Canadian (or other nationalities) regarding time management, delegation, leadership and supervisory styles, teamwork, negotiations, gender issues and many other traits.
  • Enhance your own or your employees’ cross-cultural communication awareness, knowledge and skills relating to the international business cultures.
  • Maximize your company’s potential for international success by performing a corporate culture alignment.
    Provide your key managers with the opportunity to develop leadership skills. Individual coaching  available , this sessions can strengthen the leadership skills necessary to work in cross-cultural environments.  This personalized approach aims to focus on the individual’s own challenges and learning opportunities.
    Provide your relocated employees with the opportunity to accelerate their adaptation to their new country and work environment with coaching sessions for cross-cultural competence.
  • Part of our mission at HMCC is to develop productive, effective and successful cross-cultural interactions and leadership skills in settings such as international business, healthcare, schools, communities, the non-profit sector, and with cross-cultural families, couples or individuals.

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