Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | May 7, 2010

Businesspeople traveling to DR

Thank you for visiting our  blog site. We offer a unique program of cross cultural business communications seminars, coaching, facilitation and consulting services designed to train and prepare Canadian businesspersons to successfully conduct business in the Dominican Republic. Please browse this simply designed site to learn more about us and the insight we can provide to your organization.

 Businesspeople traveling to the Dominican Republic  encounter a complex, intriguing and challenging business environment when they arrive at their destination.  The most fabalous thing is that  ethnicity, culture and heritage developed over centuries and are relatively homogenous and mature, Dominican Republic is a young democracy whose evolving multiethnic society, political system and economy is changing in just a few decades. Emphasis on education, tourism and highly accelerated investment in infrastructure and technology, quickly transformed this minute country into an R&D and commercial powerhouse vital to global operations of numerous multinational corporations. Dominican Republic ’s established stature as high-telecommunications and tourism hotbed has dramatically increased the nation’s global business exposure, has increased its strategic importance as a potential gateway to the Caribbean  and has transformed the country into an important destination for international business development ventures.

Dominican Republic is not only  has policy of  “Sol y Playa”,  heaven to  all visitors from  Canadá  and  Europe. DR sells tourism medical services  and is in the business of  “marines,  golf’s camps and other tourims investments . Dominican Republic has the best real state policy for the foreign investor. 

The diversity, complexity and unique flavor of DR’s population and culture are key contributors to the intricacies of doing business in that country. More than anywhere else, the DR business environment reflects, and is driven by, the history, geopolitics, ethnic diversity, economy and values of a people whose attributes are as composite and elaborate as their Spanish, Africans and aboriginal chronicles and legacy.

  The multiple factors driving mindset, communicative, and business culture differences between Americans and Dominicans can generate significant challenges to the successful fulfillment of your business objectives in DR.

 We are here to help. For years our company, Hineni Media, has been developing cooperative ventures between Canadian and DR businesses. Our assistant have over 10-five years experience in managing Canada-DR commercial relationships.  From that experience we have compiled a unique program designed to provide Canadian businesspersons with cross-cultural, business communications and mindset insight on DR. We have developed a program of multiple venues intended to enlighten and effectively prepare your personnel to conduct business in DR and successfully fulfill their tasks and goals in that country.

We hope we can be of service.



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