Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | May 2, 2010

Cross-Cultural Profile


Mari Diaz,  Cross-Cultural Consulting Services

Mari Diaz,  has qualifications in computers science and entreprenuership, and she is the Managing Director of HM. She is
trained in translation in  DR and NC, USA.  She is la eading writer and coordinates the content and design aspects of all cross-cultural publications and presentations of HM.Mary is currently involved in  travel and missions  to LA, she combines information design with logistical and administrative support for various blogs. Recently, Ms. Diaz has  begun providing  intercultural services for private for clients relocating to LA.


Her professional career includes work on rural poverty alleviation, ethnic minority issues, settlement and immigration. She is a specialist in cross cultural issues, team/learship development and international project-managment/communication. She manages large scale projects for clients in a wide variety of biz areas particularly thosw with Dominican Republic  focus.

Her intercultural and business consulting work covers: market entry strategies, organization and international project managment. She has work for many international agencies as trainer and consultant such as La senda ministries, YMCA International, North Carolina Court of Justice,  Canadian Food for the Hungry International, Prime Times Computer,  Church of the Nazarene Food bank, All Nations Full Gospel Church food bank; the Watchman, Microskills Centre, etc.  She speaks and works in English, Spanish and French.  She  holds an Ontario entreprenuership award and studies in  cross cultural & modern languages studies from UASD’s university. She has a wide international consulting experience in human resources function and brings great rigor, orientation and a well place humour to all her work. 
Today she works as a Cross-cultural educator, and as an Enterprise Faciliator to help women develop their economic and social endevours. She speaks Spanish, French, English.

She is a canadian citizen of Latin heritage and lives in Toronto. 


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