Posted by: D. M. | April 29, 2010

Other Services & Projects

Over the years, HM has developed special skills from its activities in  Cross Cultural consulting, training, workshops and missions.

Business Liason Services :  cultural integration and  day-to-day activities of remotely operating our enterprises in Latin America.  Specialty the Dominican Republic such as:

■ Market Entry Services

■ Representation Services.

 We can link resources between donors, civil society organizations, NGOs, and communities in Latin America.

 Online Bilingual Copywriter Services- for Websites–
Why invest lots of money in an attractive website that has incorrect and sloppy use of English, French or Spanish.  Tell us the message you want to convey and we will make the message sound totally convincing in English, French or Spanish.

 For more Information

Contact Marisol Diaz or Wendy Emiliano at the following numbers:

Phone: (647) 448-2052/ (809) 595-0098
E-mails: or

Sustainable Tourism/Cultural tours

  • We promote  and facilitate safe, adventurous, challenging volunteer learning experience and trips to Dominican Rep.
  • Lead and run project management that addresses sustainable social development, poverty alleviation, and community participation.

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