Posted by: D. M. | April 25, 2010

Dominican Republic Medical travel

Dominican Republic: convenience, quality and low cost surgery

Dominican Republic’s proximity to  Canada combined with HM Assist’s process of selecting only high quality doctors and hospitals and the savings that can be obtained make Mexico an excellent medical tourism destination.

Convenient medical tourism

Dominican Republic is by far the medical tourism country with the most convenience. Some people are even able to flight to the Dominican Republic to obtain low cost surgery. It’s a very short one. In fact, you will actually fly into Punta Cana or Puerto Plata, DR. No passport or visa currently is required for Canadian citizens. Not only does the easy travel make for less hassle, the time spent away from family, friends and work is short compared to countries that are further away.

High quality doctors and Hospitals

HM Assist’s rigorous selection process ensures that you will deal with high quality doctors and  hospitals  in Dominican Republic. The result is a high quality experience for you. Our partner clinics in Dominican Republic provides some of the finest doctors in DR, some of whom even train US, Cuban and Canadian doctors.

Low cost surgery in Dominican Republic

The medical cost savings in Dominican Republic are tremendous. Typically your savings are in the order of 50%. Thanks to the low cost of airfare to Puerto Plata, Punta Cana and La Romana,DR your total cost savings will remain very high. Treatment options include:

* Lap Band Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Gastric Bypass (RNY) Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Gastric Sleeve Surgery in  Dominican Republic
* Duodenal Switch Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Knee Replacement Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Hip Replacement Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Heart Bypass Surgery in Mexico
* Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in Dominican Republic
* RF Ablation Treatment Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Angioplasty Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Discectomy Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Disk Fusion Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Breast Augmentation Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Breast Lift Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Rhinoplasty Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Colostomy – Defunctioning Loop Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Colostomy in Dominican Republic
* Prostatectomy in Dominican Republic
* Nephrectomy – Kidney removal Surgery in Dominican Republic
* Kidney Transplant in Dominican Republic
* Hysterectomy in Dominican Republic

Please also contact us if the procedure you are interested in is not on our list.

Medical tourism with care
Hineni offers people access to High Quality Dominican Republic Medical Tourism: travel for medical treatment abroad to get access to affordable surgery delivered with quality that equals or surpasses that found in Canada. We only partner with the highest quality institutions established in the Dominican Republic.

All our patients that had treatment in Dominican Republic report the same: they were treated with warmth, respect and a smile. They received a lot of personal attention and felt that people went out of their way for them. Although the people were highly efficient, there never is the feeling of being rushed. Doctors will spend a lot of time one of one with you to explain your procedure and answer any questions you may have.



  1. I am interested in hearing more about total knee replacement surgery, and how it compares to US or Canada quality of care. I would like to hear from other people who have gone through the surgery so I can ask specific questions regarding wait times, post-op care, physio etc.
    thank you.

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