Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | April 22, 2010

Market Entry Services, Seminars and Coaching


Business Liaison Services from day-to-day activities to remotely operating  enterprises in Dominican Republic or Latin America,  such as:

■ Market Entry Services
We help you set up your operations in DR. We assist with setting up an office, hiring and training local staff and getting your sales efforts started. .
Liaison between culturally different organizations, facilitating communication and furthering the goals of the partnership, from buyer/seller relationships to joint ventures.

■ Representation Services
We represent foreign companies in DR, providing a full range of sales and marketing services to further your company’s goals in the market without the expense of opening a DR branch.

We also facilitate  seminars, coaching  and consulting services designed to train and prepare Canadian businesspersons to successfully conduct business in  Dominican Republic. Please browse some post to learn more about us and the insight we can provide to your organization.



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