Posted by: D. M. | April 18, 2010

Dominican Republic meaningful, rewarding, and educational tours

 Cultural Tour Consultancy ( Dominican Republic and Latin America)

Hineni deal with missions so it comes with experience our  specialization in tailor-made international tours for special interest groups. Over the years, we have designed tours for school, university, congregation and community groups – study tours for academic groups and foreign language classes. Our goal is to offer a meaningful, rewarding, and educational tour. 

We have no generic tours.  Our knowledgeable staff  each specializing in a particular part of the world – will work closely with you to develop the tour that best suits your needs.  It will become quickly apparent how passionate we are about cultural and educational exchange.

We will offer you the opportunity to not only but discover the historic sites on your itinerary.  We will book local licensed guides knowledgeable in the subject matter or arrange for Latin American professors to lecture during visits.

Scheduling will allow ample time at each site and humane driving times each day of the tour.  We will encourage you to allow time to absorb the local culture as well and we can suggest ways to do this.  We will do it for a fair and reasonable price.  And you will be able to call on us for advice and assistance before, during, and after the tour.

We invite you to contact our office  to exchange ideas for your upcoming tour.


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