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Cross Cultural Tours

Cross Cultural Tours

Click here  for    Short-term Missions   or the   Dominican Republic  Mission Trip

Our ”All-Inclusive, Themed Responsible Tours” range from cultural tours, Educational Tours,  Community based Ecotourism, Ecotourism projects, Mission; Sustainable tourism, Ecotourism, Philanthropic to missionary tours all spiced to enable you travel in style. They include all ground services from the time you arrive into the country to the last day you depart. They have personalized arrangements like meet and greet services, transfers and accommodation.

These tours are Excellent for an Caribbean and Latin America tour vacation for either a family or an organized group. We have created a whole range of themed tours to suit your individual travel needs. These tours are carefully researched and designed to show you the very beauty of Latin America’s heritage.   Such as:

 Guide or escorted tours

Booking an escorted tour for your holidays to Dominican Republic is without a doubt the best way to get to know this amazing island. In few days you learn from expert tour guides the most representative aspects of the Dominican  culture, its history, architecture, religion, night life and so many other interesting things that you could be missing out if you were on your own.

We use only modern, reliable touring coaches, all of which have air conditioning, panoramic windows and are maintained to the highest standards.

Cross cultural or learning travel

Each of us at HM knows the benefits of cross cultural travel.  We have each experienced the thrill and satisfaction of intellectual discovery.  We know foreign study broadens one’s horizon, expands one’s world view, brings excitement into the subject matter, and introduces travelers to new areas of study.  It very often is a life-changing experience.  And we are delighted to be a part of that!

Cultural and educational travel themes:

Art Appreciation tours
Foreign Study tours
Performance Tours
Religious & Inspirational

001:- Dominican Authentic Eco – Sustainability
This responsible safari enables you to study, enjoy and admire natural and cultural heritage while accruing tangible benefits for the local communities. Click here for itinerary

002:- Missional Trips
This trip will enable you to visit various less fortunate individuals in Dominican Republic while enjoying the country unique natural and cultural heritage. With prior arrangements you can initiate a project of your own with our collaborators.Click here for itinerary.

003:- Dominican Republic Cultural Tour
A specially designed tour for those who want to see the true colors of Dominican’s heritage combined with a true Caribbean hospitality as offered by STM – Dominican. It is suitable for organized groups and even families. Click here for itinerary.

004:- Educational or Learning  Tour
This tour is designed for students undertaking biological sciences, social studies and community development at various levels. The tour is also suitable for university and college lectures who are interested in advancing their studies, and for general public members who are keen in understanding the biological processes in the tropical region. The tour is tailored in such a way that it allows the participants to understand, enjoy and appreciate Mother Nature. Click here for itinerary.

Tour enrollment
Travel tips

 Art Appreciation & Foreign study Tours  to Dominican Republic, Latin America,Quebec and the French Riviera… Exciting!

The members of HM have made performance tours  for Choirs, Orchestras and Bands, in Canada and other destinations abroad, their specialty for many years.  We know what it takes to find appreciative audiences world wide.

If you are seeking a performance tours  for your school or university choir or instrumental group, or your congregation or community performing group, come to us with your idea for a destination and your tour focus.




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