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Culture Closer To Home.

Culture Closer To Home.

Dollar Got you Down? Avoid the high price of the Euro and seek cultural enrichment closer to home. We suggest Dominican Republic, Quebec and Nicaragua ( Central America).
Dominican Republic!  No passport is required, and your money exchange will be a plus.  It is a less expensive and shorter flight, and the area is varied enough to allow a shorter tour than the typical tour long tour.

Dominican Republic Culture is complex and diverse, influenced by the Taino Indians, Spaniards, Africans,Jews, Europeans and immigrants from the other Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries. They have a Chinese and Japanese settlers too. These influences are apparent in the music, architecture, and cuisine. See here

Music of Dominican Republic.  Music may be one of Dominican’s greatest exports, and is also influenced by the country’s history.  Learn more here
The Dominican Republic Jazz and Cerveza President Festival are two of the island’s biggest events,. The Jazz event  featuring artists like Chuck Mangione, Sade and Carlos Santana.   The Festival Presidente de Música Latina (Presidente Festival of Latin Music) is an event of Latin Music celebrated every two years for three days in October in the Estadio Olímpico Félix Sánchez of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. plus numerous local festivals throughout the island.  Many academies, universities and schools are dedicated to choral and instrumental music. 

 Contact our office to begin  making your plans today.

Planning a trip to Canada

Visit Quebec, CANADA!  For a taste of European joie de vivre, visit the province of Quebec in Canada with your choir, instrumental group, French class, or study group.

Hispaniola  invites you to discover the art, culture, food, ature and festivals of  Montreal and Quebec City.

Montreal is a cosmopolitan city, with a 400 year history, founded by the French, ruled by the British and influenced by North American energy.   Montreal is the largest French speaking city outside of France.  It has a Notre Dame Cathedral, bateaux mouches, a Latin Quarter, and a Metro!  Cafes and restaurants abound in all the neighborhoods.  French is the official language, but English is also spoken.

Combine your visit to Quebec City and marvel at its spectacular beauty.  Its 400 year history is presented in the architecture, narrow winding streets, and ramparts. Quebec is enhanced by the mighty St. Lawrence River, and surrounded by breathtaking scenery in all directions, just a few minutes’ drive from downtown.  It is an historic, vibrant and hospitable city known as the cradle of French civilization in North America.  Quebec is proud to be appointed the first UNESCO city in North America.

Attention Choirs:  Include participation in Le Mondial Choral Loto-Quebec in a concert tour of the Quebec region. This choral festival is held annually in the city of Laval, adjacent to Montreal.  Choirs from around the world, and of all persuasions come to Laval to perform and to attend concerts, workshops and clinics.  Laval is a choral stronghold and the home town of the festival founder, Gregory Charles. Visit the website of Le Mondial Choral Loto-Quebec to learn more.


NICARAGUA.  Hineni invites you to discover the rich history and traditions in Nicaragua. 

The Old and New Worlds merged when Spanish culture was layered into the already complex and sophisticated civilizations of Mesoamerica.  As the Roman Empire was declining the Maya  were entering their golden age. This history and the merging of the indigenous peoples of Mexico along with the European influence of the Spanish, have evolved into the exotic, yet familiar, culture of Colonial Nicaragua.

Nicaragua’s Colonial Treasures are located in the central highlands. The area known as the “colonial circle” is a collection of towns and villages between Leon a and Managua City, including Leon, Matagalpa, Masaya,Granada .  Here you will find cathedrals, basilicas, and palaces dating from the 16th centure, many on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and as magnificent as those found in Spain.  The area’s climate is ok sometimes hot but with agreeable temperatures year-round.
The principal cities of this area are close enough together to allow a comprehensive tour in a shorter time period than you might spend in other places. 

Shorter flights and less expensive airfares help to make this an affordable trip for your performing group, your art center, congregation or study group.
 Contact  HM for a detailed itinerary and cost proposal.


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