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Enriquillo Lake: Dominican Republic

Enriquillo Lake: Dominican Republic

This vast inland of salt water is more like a mini-sea than a lake. The Enriquillo Lake in Dominican Republic  is glinting in an arid plain beneath rugged mountains, it marks the lowest geographical point in the Caribbean ! 132 ft(40 m) below sea level. It’s home to thousands of birds, iguanas, and US crocodriles. It’s a national protected park. Yet the lake , its main island and surronding villages are easy to vist, offering a very different landscaping from other parts of the Island. Hot dry, and sparsely inhabited, this border town stands in fascinating contrast to the developed coastal areas ( such as Punta Cana or Puerto Plata). Business with the Dominican Republic pays off   there is a cosmetic products industry. Dominican Republic’s Enriquillo Lake Salt Sea Minerals, Health Care Black Mud,  Beauty Treatments Skin  you can buy and enjoy.

10 top sights

  • Lago Enriquilo
  • Boat Trip
  • Isla Cabritos
  • Bird Watching
  • Crocodiles & Iguanas
  • Las Caritas
  • La Descubierta
  • Las Barias Balneario
  • Jimani
  • Border or Frontier Market ( DR & Haiti)

There are no cruise ships calling, no college-age hooligans binge drinking and no major towering  hotels in all-inclusive resorts. 

No, none of that.

Instead, in this sunbathed town on the Atlantic Coast of the southern province of Independencia, locals come to travel to Pedernales for  the ocean. Fishermen unload cases of sharks in the morning, Manatis are frecuent in that area too. Kids play beach baseball, with sticks in the sand for goals. Dirt roads lead to the shore. Locals lounge on hammocks, their houses no so fancy. You can enjoy the most amazing

Indeed, Independencia feels a bit isolated.  But foreigners – British,  Italians, Argentinians, Canadians among others – have come here for years, and many have stayed, opening up cabaña hotels, restaurants and bars. A steady stream of bohemian backpackers, couples and retirees hail for  the beaches ( Playa Pedernales, Bahia de las Aguilas). There’s a diverse range of attractions, but not just for tourists. In The Province of Independencia, Dominican life is lived right in front of you.

There’s loud, glittering and simply La Descubierta town, with a old colonial centre. Around it are smaller towns, many featuring their own attractions, from textile-weaving to shops , crafts, fresh fruits.

There are the markets in the city of  Neiba and in smaller towns, (Galvan, El Salado, El Palmar) where  tourist and locals descend to browse goodies and enjoy music, including the culinary staples southwest Dominican is best known for: Chivo guisado con mangu y la bandera . ( green plantains with goat meat and rice, beans and meat) avocado plus son salad and drinks.

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Accomodation Tips

Places to Stay:  Self Catering,  Town center , Rural or Beach Hotel


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