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Guided Tour, Workshop, Translation, Excursion In Company Trip DR …

Welcome to hispaniola Guide Adventure Tours. Experience the beauty of the city,  beaches and Dominican Alps.

Santo Domingo City Tours

You just found the most exciting, affordable and safe dominican guided tours in Canada!

We offer guided tours through some of the most fascinating parts and places of Santo Domingo, Samana and Puerto Plata. Sto Dgo City Tours prides itself on the fact that all its tours benefit from the experience and knowledge of real Dominican Republic experts. Any tour can be tailored to your personal needs.

Picture yourself relaxing, after a carefully prepared meal that has been cooked over open campfire, as the setting sun alights the granite in a blaze of orange, and dusk envelops the valley of Costanza. Below on the grassy meadow, deer and elk mingle with your saddle horse or mula, grazing contentedly. High above in the distance you see the jagged crags that hang over tomorrow’s destination, a ride through pristine alpine meadows to the emerald Jarabacoa.

Cross Cultural Services

Do you need a document translated into FRENCH ASAP?
We offer Freelance translator Services, editing and proofreading. HM will complete any urgent projects in quick turnaround time.  HM guarantee that  it will meet your deadline and your document will be error-free.

TRANSLATION: 7 cents (CDN) per word
PROOFREADING: 2 cents (CDN) per word
PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal, cheque, bank transfer, cash
Please send your document by email and I will give you a quote without obligation ASAP. The earlier I receive your document, the better.

Other companies will charge 20 cents per word, averaging $75-$90 dollars per page. HM charge ONLY 7 cents per word, averaging $25-$30 for the same page. Example: a standard letter with three 3-line paragraphs will ONLY cost you approx. $15 to be translated


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