Posted by: D. M. | April 7, 2010

Dominican Republic Language & Culture Travel Guide :: SUBSCRiBE …

Get delivery world-wide with  La Vida en Dominicana magazine subscription .  Audio recordings are available to accompany each magazine as an optional extra. These are ideal for improving one’s grasp of spoken Spanish.

La Vida en Dominicana is written in upper-intermediate to advanced level Spanish. It enables adult learners of Spanish to enjoy their language skills and improve them at the same time. At controlled levels of Spanish, the content includes well-written articles on all aspects of Spanish Dominican life: current affairs, tourism, culture, history, humour, word games, grammar, etc. Keyword translations aid enjoyment by helping to avoid constant references to a dictionary. This is a recommended  magazine by a non profit.

How to buy  LA VIDA EN DOMINICANA Subscription


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