Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | April 6, 2010

Find Juan Dolio on the net

“The new way to discover and find everything offered in Juan Dolio. The community by the sea”

What makes Juan Dolio the ideal place to live, vacation, invest and leisure? There are many options offered by the beautiful beach/golf community near Santo Domingo. To understand and enjoy the area to its maximum potential is born, the main source of information, news and events for JD. is an online guide that promotes the city as an ideal model of residential life and leisure travel. In just one click, users have access to the various events, local guide, recreation and real estate information on the best options for buying a house or stay in Juan Dolio.

Besides being the most comprehensive guide for (JD), has created the 2010 Juan Dolio Map, an impressive guide that visually connects JD residents, visitors and investors to a vibrant community. The 2010Juan Dolio Map illustrates in detail the spirit and character of this community.

Walking through the luxurious beachfront condominiums and golf courses to various destinations such as hotels, restaurants, banks and entertainment areas, make this community an   attractive location when choosing a residence or planning a vacation. Available from are information portals to  hotels, resorts, real estate, restaurants and many businesses and services. 

“ is not only a source for news, events and information about the community, but a platform that gives a voice to the members and organizations of Juan Dolio, as well as a promoting healthy development, security and investment in the community”, says Donald Siener, Director



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