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Santo domingo, DR: Virtual City Guide

Map of Dominican Republic
Shaded Relief Map of the Dominican Republic.
 Google Earth Dominican Republic
Zoomable satellite view of Dominican Republic. 
Google Earth Santo Domingo
Zoomable satellite view of Santo Domingo.

The beautiful metropolis is settled on the Sea, at the chores of the Ozama River. Santo Domingo is located in the Dominican Republic  which is a Caribbean country that occupies the eastern two-thirds of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. The western one-third of Hispaniola is occupied by the country of Haiti.
Founded in 1498 by Christopher Columbus’ brother, Bartholomew, after earlier attempts at settlement on Hispaniola had collapsed, Santo Domingo started as a few wooden structures on the east bank of the Ozama River, where it meets the Caribbean Sea. The settlement – first called Nueva Isabela after the queen of Spain – moved to the west bank of the river after a hurricane swept through a few years later. The architect of that move, and the driving force behind the construction of the emerging new city – now called Santo Domingo – was Nicolás de Ovando, who became the colony’s first governor in 1502. A year after that, the first city walls began to rise, for protection against pirate raids and other hostile attacks.

In 1936, an iron-fisted form of “stability” finally came to the capital, when Rafael Trujillo seized power. Besides brutally eliminating his enemies, the dictator changed the name of Santo Domingo to Ciudad Trujillo (Trujillo City). It remained that until 1961 – when Trujillo was assassinated. Over the next few years, a reformist government, followed by a military coup and a civil war, set the stage for a temporary American military occupation in 1965.

Thanks to Yoli Garcia we have this great video

To its occident lies Gazcue, one of the metropolis’s oldest neighborhoods, filled with old  historic like houses and tree-lined streets. The municipality’s waterfront known as “El Malecon,” borders the Sea and attracts whatever tourists because of its hotels, casinos, palm-lined boulevards and monuments. Contiguous to Gazcue extent you can find the Palacio Nacional which is a political palace.
La Feria is an area with which high-income extent remains kinda unexplored by tourists, despite substance of having great dining and shopping obtainable close by the port.

The metropolis’s most wealthy neighborhoods touch the municipality’s two significant parks, the Parque Mirador Sur in the South and the Jardin Botanico.

This all makes of Santo Domingo a, barmy and bustling municipality with existent pellucid neighborhoods and ambiances, all couturier a transmit, and providing the most different cultural experiences. Santo Domingo was, until latterly, a vast municipality (pop. nearly 4 meg gather) that was divide into 5 cause municipalities: Distrito Nacional, Santo Dgo Este, Santo Dgo Oeste, Santo Domingo Norte and Boca Chica. Luckily, nearly all holidaymaker attractions and shopping, dining and onset venues are situated relatively known to apiece new in the Distrito Nacional, making it promiscuous for you to get around and see the sights. Santo Domingo is a completely  tourist-friendly municipality. 

Welcome to the oldest city in the New World and enjoy their music, the famous Merengue.  contact us


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