Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | February 23, 2010

Dominican Republic: A land of eternal Spring

The World of the Tainos, one of the minors aboriginals groups of Latin America, flourished in Dominican Republic. The arrival of the Spanish brought new ways to “Quisqueya”. Mixed and merged with those of  aboriginal  descendants of the Taino and verbally handed down from father to son over generations, they have formed the idiosyncrasies which are such a charming facet of  earlier dominican habitants. So strong is the legendary spirit in Taino that its Dominican writers and poets made it world reknowned.

Constanza, located in almost in the centre of the island is a contrasting landscape, varied ecology, and the confluence of three cultures–Aboriginals, spanish, african and modern-day– entice visitors to Jarabacoa.(travel destination)

Visit  Constanza

Description:  Situated in  one of the most beautiful dominican landscapes, modern Constanza is a living museum that bridges past and present, indigenous cultures and colonial tradition. Learn about the history of the Taino people in Costanza Town, then trek north to see Pico Duarte–one of the most important highest peak the caribbean.

 You’ll explore the excavated ruins of this once thriving metropolis and experience the beauty of the rain forest while staying at a riverside resort. In the highland town of Jarabacoa, spend time at the open-air market, where people gather each week to buy and sell traditional crafts and produce. Stay for two nights on lovely Rancho Guaraguao ringed by mountains and dotted with colorful villages, and visit the picturesque aboriginal town of el palero, Tireo, hard working and beautiful people. Your tour concludes in Arroyo Rancho, a showcase of Spanish colonial architecture and a Heritage site.

Highlights:   Lorenzo is an Amateur archaeologist at UASD university with extensive research and field experience in the Caribbean, specifically the Cibao region. We have two staffs that will lead the January and March departures respectively.

* Meet with a local expert on Taino history and culture in Costanza City.

* Speak with working archaeologists as they carefully explore caves and buildings in the region.

* Enjoy a presentation from an expert on Spanish Colonial architecture in Arroyo Rancho, one of Costanza’s most important colonial city.

* Explore the artistic treasures of Costanza during a visit with artisans weaving traditional textiles.

Travel Types : 

Eco Tours
Kayaking (River)
Native/Aboriginal Culture Studies
 Nature Tours
Overland Tours
Student Tours
Water Skiing


Cost in US$: from USD 2, 895- USD 3,790

This Program is open to Worldwide Participants.

Participants Travel to Dominican Republic Independently

Application Process Involves:

Written Application


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