Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | February 18, 2010

Dominican Republic Busines statics

Business statics

During the last decades, the Dominican economy has experienced a deep structural transformation. A transition from an agricultural economy generating more than 80% of its exports in traditional commodities, mainly sugar, and a model based on import substitution, from 1948-1960, to a service oriented economy accounting for more than 35% of its exports during the decade of 1991-2000. 

The country’s economy has traditionally depended on agriculture. Although sugarcane is the chief crop and sugar is an important export, sugar production has sharply declined in recent years. Other major crops are coffee, cotton, cocoa, tobacco, and rice. There are deposits of nickel, bauxite, gold, silver, and other minerals, and mining is of growing economic importance. Free-trade zones have led to an increase in light industry, especially the manufacture of textiles and clothing. Tourism is also important to the economy, and the service sector is now the country’s largest employer. The United States, Mexico, and Colombia are the main trading partners.

Sections will be :

•Land and People


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