Posted by: D. M. | February 17, 2010

Samana: Las terrenas

The pleasures of life are part of oneself.  That is why we arrived at one of the most beautiful places that Dominican Republic has : Samaná, Las Terrenas, a town that shows its wild nature, its eco-tourism, its spectacular cuisine and excellent nightlife.  Years ago Ispent time in ‘Arroyo Barril”  and now has seen the change that has taken place through the work of the Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia, cleaning of beaches and asphalt streets.

This time we stayed in Bahia Principe in Cayo Levantado , Samana   where we enjoy what a  piece of real estate project is,  full of comfort and luxury with completion . The decoration of this great masterpiece of design . We enjoyed all the services the resort offered, besides the beautiful beaches that are perfect to be a rich dip.

If you are looking for adventure will find it here, as we did , it is to take an excursion to Salto del Limon by  horse you will appreciate better  the beautiful waterfalls that are found there. For those unfamiliar with the delicious side of Las Terrenas, this village offers everything. Here not only can you enjoy a delicious meal, you can also enjoy a rich bath on the beach.

The nights are fabulous, fun and very driven in Las Terrenas. Visitors can enjoy a nightlife full of joy in three dimensions. There is an option for every taste, ranging from those who prefer a quiet space to those who are excessively fond of a nightclub atmosphere with modern music.

Experience the paradise like never before in Las Terrenas, Samana, the perfect place where you can share with a friend or a family friendly atmosphere and be adventurous. Because, this is one of my favorite places. Until next week, God willing, ciao.


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