Posted by: D. M. | February 9, 2010

Dominican Republic : Paradise is closer than you think!

Dominican Republic:  Paradise is closer than you think

The images were both breathtaking and heartbreaking, as seen from the perspetive of snowbound Canucks who were already profoundly sick of feeling  Jack Frost nipping at their noses.  They flashed across the TV screen and dominated the internet during a bone chilling stretch in mid-November: majestic images of towering, grey-green breakers carryin thrill-seeking surfers to the warm sandy shores of beaches of Cabarete, in the  Dominican Republic.

Though they weren’t  intented as such, those photos of an useasonably high Atlantic surf served as a compeling unpaid advertisement for  Dominican Republic ‘sreal state, currently one  of the hottest bargains on prudent investors’s radar screens
–Check  Donald Trump and his Cap Cana Resort –, other  celebrities   Paddlle boarding

 Last year’s shocking economic downturn affected t he real stated market o n the U.S. mainland harder than almost anywhere  else. Dominican Republic property fares better, retaining more of its intrinsic value but that doesn’t alter the fact that bargain abound in this year-round tropical paradise

The Dominican Republic has often been labeled the best value for money real estate destination in the Caribbean, but this is not the only appeal.  The DR is the second largest island in the Caribbean which offers buyers a rich diversity of natural beauty.  White sandy beaches and crystalline waters, to cool moutain breezes.  Punta Cana and Dominican Republic Real Estate offer equal diversity to suit all tastes and all at affordable prices.

When you combined lower prices with actractive exchange rates, a total discount of around 50 per cent property over prices from two year ago is not too much to expect, even in the most desirable  residential neighbourhoods.

 Welcome to Santo Domingo and the rest of the Dominican Republic !

Call or email   me with your business and real state questions!
Expert Experience – Local knowledge.  Born and raised on DR


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