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BHD’s Canada-based Programs

Our  Toronto-Based Programs

1.   Clothing Closet Program
2.  Micro-Enteprising Program for Women
3.  Take a Mission Trip Program

Clothing Closet Program

The purpose of the Clothing Closet Program is to demonstrate G-d’s love by providing free clothing to the poor in our community. The program seeks to be a conduit of good, clean donated clothing for men, women and children in order to foster dignity and increase the potential for employment for those who seek to change their circumstances.

To provide clothing assistance to the poor of our community.

To provide residents of the Mission with good donated clothing that adds dignity and increases employment opportunities.

Ongoing Activities

Clothing Closet times are staffed by volunteers who sort through donated items and arrange them, and then assist people in finding the right style and sizes.

The Clothing Closet is open through the week at staff’s discretion in order to assist resident needs as they arise. All clothing dispensed is recorded.

The facilities used for the program are the Clothing Closet room and the donation sorting area.

Micro-enteprising Program for Women

For this program women can take part A or part B

A) Skills Unlimited:

Skills Unlimited provides employment assistance services for immigrant and visible minority women. It includes individual career counseling and jobsearch sessions, to enable each participant to discover her potential. The goal is to develop job skills in order to secure and maintain employment and to enhance knowledge about the Canadian job market.

Skills Unlimited covers many topics:

•Resume & cover letters
•Interview preparation
•Effective job search skills
•Employment Goals
•Canadian work experience
•Local labour market information
•Workplace communication

Childcare and transportation assistance may be available based on need. Contact us for upcoming start dates as this program is carry out through  another seed project . Take a look

B) Employment Unlimited

This program helps immigrant and visible minority women towards economic self-sufficiency through self employment and markeatable employment skills.

◦Skills assessment
◦Career exploration
◦Individual Employment Counseling
◦Job search skills
◦Labour market information
◦Learn computer fundamentals
◦Practice keyboarding & word processing
◦Set up email accounts
◦Create, save & modify documents
•Sewing Machine Training
◦sewing machine operation

Childcare and transportation assistance may be available based on need. Contact us for upcoming start dates as this program is carry out through  another seed project . Take a look

Mission Trip Program

A mission trip is directed toward those of another culture. Working among another culture usually indicates travelling to another country, and most mission trips take place overseas. But mission work takes place close to home as well. Humanitarian or congregational work within your own culture is usually referred to as service projects or outreach work and is different from a mission trip in that no actual trip is usually involved. However, even though a mission trip focuses on another culture, it can take place within your geographical area. Regardless of the distance travelled, a mission trip involves a trip with specific plans to benefit specific people or groups outside your culture.

This Educational and Mentoring Project in the Dominican Republic was partnered in 2009

It gives participants an opportunity to be involved in a hands-on mission experience.

It helps participants develop a sensitivity to global issues.

It gives participants an opportunity to become personally acquainted with life in an underdeveloped third-world country based on subsistence survival.

It educates participants about the impact that their own actions and decisions have on third-world countries.

Click here for details about Mission Trips here:

Join or Sponsor our programs, We need you !


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