Posted by: D. M. | January 29, 2010

Destination: Barahona: Maria Montez International Airport

The Dominican Republic (DR) is a land of contrasts – the physical kind, like the highest peak and the lowest point in the Caribbean, and the more metaphorical kind, like that between the urban street life of Santo Domingo and the rural villages only a short drive away. Santo Domingo, or ‘La Capital’ as it’s typically called, is to Dominicans what New York is to Americans, a collage of cultures; or what Havana is to Cubans, a vibrant beating heart that fuels the entire country. It’s also a living museum, offering the sight of New World firsts scattered around the charming cobblestone streets of the Zona Colonial.

The DR is also famous for the large all-inclusive resorts that dominate much of the country’s prime beachfront real estate. However, the result is less like the high-rise congestion of Cancun or Miami and more like low-slung retirement communities, albeit ones populated by families, couples and singles of all ages looking for a hassle-free holiday. Beyond the gated luxury enclaves, the roads lead inland past vast sugar plantations and through small villages. To get away from the get-away, travelers head to the Península de Samaná, where the European vibe is as strong as an espresso, and where escape is the operative word. Cabarete on the North Coast has winds which draw adrenaline junkies from around the world. And for the anti-Caribbean experience head to the popular mountain retreats of Jarabacoa and Constanza – places where bathing suits are out and sweaters are in.


BARAHONA city isn’t an especially pleasant place but is worth a visit!. Founded in 1802 and once the informal capital of Trujillo’s multimillion-dollar sugar industry, the city has fallen on hard times due to the closing of the local sugar mill. That said, the locals are friendly and it does have a couple of good hotels, making it a useful base to explore the undeveloped coastline that stretches west of the city. If sticking around, head either to the Malecón, which is quite beautiful, or the parque central, a major hangout at night.

People are extremely friendly, nice and gorgeous ! Atmosphere is perfect …The weather is great n hot as well .

It has many airports you can find a list here:

Barahona is located in the west or southern coast of the Dominican Republic. There are stunning beaches and several resorts to stay. Barahona boast one of Dominican republic main’s atraction which is the Enriquillo lake, which is the largest in the caribbean.

Most visitors arrive via guagua or car; coastal Highway 44 connects the city with Azua, Baní and Santo Domingo to the east before continuing west all the way to the border. If spending the night, most accommodations are within a couple of blocks of the seaside Malecón. The best of the lot is the Gran Barahona, Mota 5 (tel 809/524-3442; US$25–50), with comfortable rooms that have A/C, TV and hot water. There’s a decent array of places to eat; Melo’s Café, Anacaona 12 (tel 809/524-5437), is the best of the lot, an unpretentious diner with delicious American breakfasts and nightly dinner specials. Also worth checking out is Brisas del Caribe, a seafood restaurant on the far eastern end of the Malecón; the creole shrimp and broiled kingfish are house specialities.

The most popular beaches are San Rafael, Quemaito and Paraiso all three have crystalline bay and calm turquoise waters. if you like a white-sand beach, then you must visit cabo rojo.

Barahona’s airport is Maria Montez but in addition to the Maria Montez Aerodom manages the State-owned airports Luperon-Puerto Plata, Catey-Samana, Las Americas-Santo Domingo(SDQ), La Isabela-Higuero and Arroyo Barril-Samana. Right now the airport is being used for Haiti ‘s earthquake help.

Think just from people whos family is from that region would at least support a weekly flight from the US. it is about five hours travle by car from SDQ.

Santo Domingo to Barahona is around 3 hrs drive over a very good road. Barahona has several hotels, from which even a 5-star small boutiqe hotel. Barahona is a really beautiful region, probably one of the most beautiful in the DR. And prices still affordable.

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