Posted by: D. M. | January 22, 2010

International Mission Work

 Most people can’t take a year off to volunteer abroad, but many can, and do, go on life impacting short term overseas mission trips that last only a week or two.

If God is speaking to you to follow him in ministry, Ministry of Mission Organization may be the place He has in mind.

Why Ministry of Mission Organization?  Mof M Org. offers many opportunities for all of the people of God to serve him. We need people who are responding to God’s call to active missionary service as well as those who will actively lift up the work of  Ministry of Mission Organization  in their homes, their places of worship and in their communities.  We need people who will donate funds   to support our work – for the financial support of an individual missionary, for special mission projects  and emergency response needs, and for the general administrative support of   Mof M Org.’s many field locations in Latin America.  If any of these needs speak to your heart, then you are in the right place at the right time.  The door is open.  Come on in!


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