Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | January 22, 2010

Helping Women Re-enter the Workforce

Helping Women Re-enter the Workforce

The programs at BHD organization have the purpose of helping women re-enter the workforce or to redirect their career. For some mothers who took time off after childbirth, deciding to go back to work is the easy part. The real challenge is finding work that will be emotionally and financially rewarding, and that still allows them to do their other full-time job: raising the kids.

Take advantage of our Micro-enteprising Program for Womenthrough “Employment Unlimited“.   This program helps immigrant and visible minority women towards economic self-sufficiency through self employment and markeatable employment skills. BHD Organization includes three main components:

◦Skills assessment
◦Career exploration
◦Resume & cover letters
◦Interview preparation
◦Job search skills
◦Labour market information
◦Employment preparation skills
◦Individual Employment Counseling
◦Learn computer fundamentals
◦Practice keyboarding & word processing
◦Set up email accounts
◦Create, save & modify documents
•Sewing Machine Training
◦sewing machine operation

Childcare and transportation assistance may be available based on need. Contact BHD Organization for upcoming start dates or simply go to that seed project @

Have a look a this checklist and a story to inspire you

1. Women’s Return Into The Paid Workforce




The Re-Entry  program is structured to reach to its goals through offering advisement, resources,  workshops, support groups, seminars, and refferals. The dimensions of this  include: life-skills, education, employment, volunteerism, self development, independence and social well-being   CONTACT US.


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