Posted by: Orekh Schriftsteller | January 10, 2010

Dominican Trek

The Dominican Republic, once a secret haven for those that had discovered the simple secrets of the Caribbean, has gown by leaps and bounds in the past 10 years. Dominican Republic tourism grows everyday like a small child, ready and willing to take on what the world offers. Here we have one of the most unique nations in the Caribbean (not that you”d expect anything else from the country that shares Hispaniola with Haiti), yet one that changes with the day”s tides. Definitely the most nebulous of the Caribbean isles, the mix of Dominican Republic culture with the ancient ways of the Spanish settlers that once populated the island makes this country one of the most unique in the region.

Those looking for a Dominican Republic history lesson or a trek back into colonial times will be disappointed, however. Much like Jamaica and St. Thomas, nowadays the beaches are home to hundreds of resorts and hotels the Dominican Republic tourism industry is nothing if not ambitious. And a lot of it has paid off for the country’s economy, an economy that narrowly avoided the widespread poverty that has unfortunately stricken its neighbor on the island of Hispaniola. But Dominican Republic history has always been about perseverance, and the onslaught has done nothing to diminish the nation’s rich culture or lifestyle.

Outside of the many luxury resorts, there are still a number of out of the way places where travelers can immerse themselves in Dominican Republic culture. Santo Domingo has a number of historical monuments, many of them in the famed colonial district. Here you’ll find the castle of Don Diego Colon, built early in the 16th century. There are a number of churches and homes in this area that have been lovingly preserved from when the Spanish first set foot on the island – and there are a handful of museums that also remind visitors about the beauty of Dominican Republic culture. The cathedrals here are especially impressive, as are many of the casas that remain entrenched in Dominican Republic history.

Cabarete is another city that offers much in the way of the past. But not as ancient as the capital city – Cabarete was built as the bohemian center of the island. And though some of this has been blotted out by the encroachments of the Dominican Republic tourism industry, there

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