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Dominican Republic’s Voluntourism Trip Cost Details

Voluntourism Student Based:  Dominican Republic’s  Trip Cost Details 

Where will we be going? We fly into La Romana, Punta Cana or Puerto Plata International Aiports first and then to the current project.

How long is the trip? 8-10  days minimun.

How much does it cost? $1,995  (per person) and up.  Average airfare for a Dominican Republic trip is around $650. Prices are subject to change.

What does that includes? Some Short- Missions just about everything!!  All ground transportation, all tips & fees, housing, food (including 2 meals out in DR), one “play day”, love offering for the mission house, overseas health and life insurance, all ministry supplies for the week. (Some airlines charge baggage fees. These are not covered). You got the option of volunteer for a minimum of 8 days too.

What are the teams  doing?
Learn first-hand about the condition of life in Dominican Republic. Observe ongoing missions projects and interact with believers working with local congregations, organizations or charities. Meet individuals benefitting from these ministries such as children, elderly, and the handicapped. You will have the opportunity to roam the island and see its beautiful history while spending most of your time bringing humanitarian aid to these ministries.
Trip Cost (Aproximate, this can change)
All necessary documents for legal travel to the Dominican Republic, housing, translator, guide, field personnel, team transportation throughout the island, and ministry visits are included in pricing.
 In-Country Cost
 Administrative & Ministry Support Cost
 Airport Tax
 Airport Tax In Dominican Republic
 Total Cost:
*This value does not include cost of food and it’s approximate
To Get Started
Complete our online application, or email our travel coordinator, Wendy Emiliano, to receive a trip application by email:
Join our team trips or pick your own travel dates at least  two months prior to traveling.
Start familiarizing yourself with Dominican Republic.

What will we be doing?

Work – We will complete one work project at the organization , mission or congregation house on each trip.

•  Building classrooms, libraries, computer labs or  sport recreation areas
•  Helping at the Children’s Soup Kitchen
• Empowering local communities by providing models, resources and training
• Training Dominican teachers .
•  Raising awareness within the local community for sustainable tourism.

Build relationships –  We want to build relationships with the Dominican people so they will see our relationship with God and grow in their relationship with Him. Cultural exchanges are a plus !

School Assemblies -We will be visiting about 10 different schools where we hold assembly programs. We do drama, dance, music and story-telling to communicate  Eco friendly messages,  sustainable development or the gospel in a relevant way to the students.

or later on you can join for:


Hospitals and clinics
Children homes
women crisis centres
Charity organizations
Women crafts organizations
Wildlife and agriculture institutions
Feeding centres
Sports Clubs


General hospitals
Children orphanages
women maternity hospitals
Nutrition outreach programs
Local municipalities
Soil irrigation projects
Bird watching projects

Have fun! – Go to the beach, Shopping ’til you drop, eat yanikekes , catch some rays, hike, and float in the river…. just to name a few.

When do we leave? Read about general itineraries   (1)   or  (2)  for available trips coming up soon or contact us   to schedule a trip for your group.

What do I do next? Contact u  for application.



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