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Sustainable Dominican Republic Travel

Sustainable DR Travel

 Hispaniola possibilities maintains a unique position in the travel market as both ( as we are part and under a registered Canada non-profit agency)  and a service provider.  We are part of a project  which promotes environmental protection and awareness, cross-cultural dialogue and sustainable development.  With providers, we also function as a living language school, a volunteer program and housing provider; offering the highest quality service and standards for our customers.
We are able to design our products in a holistic manner – one which meets the ‘needs of the present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing the opportunity for the future.’  It is through this manner that we are able to provide our customers with a truly adventurous yet comfortable and affordable experience while adhering to the principles of sustainable tourism.  Hispaniola Possibilities (HP)  has divided its tourism operations into two distinct yet intersecting forms of ecotravel; community based ecotourism and sustainable tourism.  
<strong>Community Based Ecotourism</strong>
 Hispaniola Possibilities is currently “promoting” and “supporting” the development of community based ecotourism projects in the Dominican Republic.  We use the words “promoting” and “supporting” cautiously since these projects are fully owned, developed, and run by local communities.  All decisions regarding daily operations, the allocation of funds and the direction of the program are made by the community we are working with , not by Hispaniola Possibilities or any other outside institution.  For those projects it is our philosophy that this ownership and control is necessary for any community tourism project to be a success.  Our primary function is to provide marketing assistance as well as technical and logistical support.  We work with communities to ensure proper safety/health standards are in place and provide guidance as to tourist wants, needs and expectations.  Essentially we work as a liaison between dominican communities and the international tourist industry. 
To date all of our community based ecotourism projects are currently in the developmental stage and not open to the general public.  For our volunteers and living language students, we do offer the opportunity to visit one of these communities with the knowledge that few tourism structures are in place.  For other interested groups or individuals, please contact us for more information.     
<strong>Sustainable Tourism</strong>
M & M Organization through  Hispaniola Possibilites also organizes small group travel to various remote destinations throughout the Dominincan Republic. These trips vary from week to week depending upon the interest of our students and volunteers, the time of year and the availability of our guides.  Potential trips include a treking expeditions the cordillera septentrional, Pico Duarte.  Additionally, some trips will include visits to our developing community based ecotourism destinations.  We work hard to ensure that all of our adventures strictly adhere to our mission of exploring Dominican Republic in a way that is non-intrusive and environmentally, socially and fiscally sustainable.
Please contact us regarding specific dates and destinations.
Let us know if you are interest and  contact us

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